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PT. Mitsuindo Gemilang Sukses

Diesel Engine Mitsubishi

Diesel Engine is a reciprocating engine that functions on the principle of self-ignition. This is why the Diesel Engine is also called an air compression engine. The air needed for the first combustion is compressed in a cylinder by a piston, followed by a fuel injection. Air, which is heated through compression, immediately ignites fuel. PT. Mitsuindo Gemilang Sukses has become the official distributor of Mitsubishi Diesel Engine. Mitsubishi engines supply a total line-up of industrial diesel engines. Mitsubishi Diesel Engines, especially turbo diesel, provide good fuel economy especially with open road drivers. If you do a lot of toll roads and drive roads, Mitsubishi Diesel engines are generally around 20 to 35 percent more economical than cars that are powered by equivalent gasoline.

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